What we do

We Image 1 Design


We analyse repair challenges & work with our customers to design an optimal solution utilising the latest CAD design software.
We Image 2 Manufacture


With a wealth of engineering services under one roof, we manage the process and manufacture a quality solution.
We Image 3 Install


Our site engineers truly understand our clients processes, and work with them to manage a seamless installation.
We Image 4 Maintain


Our maintenance service provides continuous support, and enables us to prevent unforeseen breakdowns.

These processes are supported by the following in-house services…

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  • Consultancy

    Services Image 1 Consultancy

    Our chartered engineers & industry specialists will identify and advise on innovative solutions to your repair challenges.

  • MIG, TIG & MMA Welding

    Services Image 2 Mig

    In-house codings, procedures & testing available.

  • Turning – Manual & CNC

    Services Image 3 Turning

    300mm diameter x 3000mm max overall length. Facing lathe max 1500mm diameter.

  • Milling & Slotting

    Services Image 4 Milling

    1400mm x 400mm max size.

  • Fabrication

    Services Image 5 Fabrication

    Up to 3 tonne.

  • Plate shearing

    Services Image 6 Plate

    3m wide maximum cut. Maximum thickness 12mm mild steel.

  • Drilling

    Services Image 7 Drilling

    Radial drill up to 3 ½” diameter.

  • Folding

    Services Image 8 Folding

    3m long maximum fold.

  • Rolling

    Services Image 9 Rolling

    Cylinders & cones.

  • Boring

    Services Image 10 Boring

    Utilizing horizontal borer.

  • Site installations

    Services Image 11 Site

    Our site teams are equipped with cranes & transport. We manage sizeable projects including co-ordination of sub-contractors.

  • Valve Surveys

    Services Image 12 Valve

    High pressure steam valve surveys & overhauls.

  • Material supply

    Services Image 13 Materialsupply

    Our chartered engineers assess your requirements and guarantee the right solution.

  • Material stockist

    Services Image 14 Materialstock

    Stockists of pipe, plate, sections, forge steel valves & associated fittings.

  • Critical spares stockist

    Service Image 15 Critical

    Manufacture & stocking of critical spares for our clients.

  • Laser cutting

    Services Image 16 Lasercutting

    20mm mild steel, 15mm stainless steel, 12mm aluminium, 5mm brass, 3mm bronze.

  • Pipe Installations

    Services Image 17 Pipe

    High pressure pipe installation specialists. Pipe threading up to 4"
  • Laser alignment

    Services Image 18 Laseralign

    To high speed pumps & compressors

  • Finishing

    Services Image 19 Finishing

    Shot blasting, galvanizing, priming & painting. 

  • Couriers

    Services Image 20 Couriers

    Our couriers are on hand and ready for an immediate response.